Sunday, December 11, 2011

Answers to Strategist Quiz 231

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 231. Provide your own answers, if you have different ones or those that I could not provide, in the comments below :
  1. With whom will the brands Palette and Mr Wagon compete? 
  2. The name of this company in its native country means “below the pine tree.” It changed its ticker a few years ago on the NYSE from MC to ____? Identify the company. 
  3. This company was founded by a 25-year-old engineer as a gear wheel factory. The Herring bone gear that was manufactured by it became so successful that the founder made the design the company’s trademark which is its logo even today. Name the company and its founder. 
  4. Which company has a unique employment initiative to drive away Monday morning blues called “Thank God its Monday”? 
  5. Wasted heat generated by servers in data centers is beginning to be distributed to neighbouring homes and commercial buildings. What name has been given to this novel recycling method? 
  6. Name the world’s first alcohol-free whisky-flavored beverage that has been halal certified which signifies that the substance is permissible under Islamic law. 
  7. During the 1890s a poster artist met the founders of this company with a cartoon for a German beer showing a large Bavarian raising his beer mug, he was asked to adapt the image for their company’s mascot. Name the brand and its mascot which is still popular around the world. 
  8. What are Smilers? 
  9. What is common to Curiosity, Opportunity, Spirit and Sojourner? 
  10. Identify both the brands from their logos and establish their recent connection.
Answers :
  1.   Toyota Innova and Tata Nano
  2.  Matsushita Seiko
  3.  Citro├źn
  4.  iGate
  5.  Data Furnace
  6.  Arkay
  7.  Might be Augustiner Helles. Kindly research
  9.  Mars Rovers
  10. Titan(1) bought Favre Leuba(2)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Answers to Strategist Quiz 229

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 229. Provide your own answers, if you have different ones or those that I could not provide, in the comments below :

  1. Which footwear brand has introduced the lightest product in the market of 165 grams which carries an eight-gram chip inserted beneath the sole that transmits data on maximum speed, distance covered or number of sprints to a computer or a mobile device? 
  2.  This 40-year-old industry based in a town, which is believed to have got its name from Ravana’s father-in-law, has grown tremendously in the last seven to eight years. It supplies Hollywood producers with ancient arms, ammunition, attire, furniture, books, leather goods and household items. Name the town. 
  3. Which Indian business group is headquartered in a building called Boomerang? 
  4. Name the world’s youngest CEO and the company he set up when he was six years old.      
  5. Which company is adopting the Shatabdi strategy for growth? Also, explain the strategy.    
  6.     ______ on Air, since 1955. Complete the baseline and name the brand.  
  7.  What is common to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Jet Airways founder Narendra (Naresh) Goyal and Chiang Kai-shek, the erstwhile Premier of China?
  8.  Which brand gets its name from Old Scrooge’s dismissive remark about the entire Christmas celebration? Ebenezer Scrooge is the miserly character created by Charles Dickens.
  9.  ‘By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased’ is a quote from the Sutta Pitaka that contains the teachings of Buddha and his most authoritative disciples. Inspired by that, which brand recently launched its brand’s communication campaign?
  10.  Identify the logos represented in the following visuals. 
Answers :
  1.   Adidas (Brainy)
  2.  Meerut
  3.  Spice Group
  4.  Harlie Jordan,
  5.  Max Healthcare, locations along the routes of the superfast train — Bathinda, Mohali, Dehradun — to build its hospitals in non-metropolitan cities
  6.  Faber
  8.  Virgin Holidays
  9.  Benetton Unhate
  10. Four Seasons

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Answers to Strategist Quiz 228

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 228. Provide your own answers, if you have different ones or those that I could not provide, in the comments below :

  1. What product is codenamed “propeller”?
  2. Where does a customer earn the title ‘mayor’? The term identifies the person that has visited a location most number of times and is the most loyal customer a brand can have.
  3. An MNC has launched an initiative that allows employees across departments to flag product shortage in any store in the country through a portal. The move, which can help it stem the loss of clients to rival brands, is named after a spinach-eating cartoon character. Name the MNC and the initiative. 
  4. Who uses the base line “Be great at what you do”?
  5.  This Roman God is the inspiration behind certain management/business concepts. One of those suggests looking both inward and outward for companies to be successful in a small marketplace and another one advises organisations to look into their past and the future at the same time. Name the Roman God.  
  6. Which brand broadcast a 30-second ad for its product 42 light years into space through high-powered radars in the Arctic circle?
  7.  What is common to GE and Domino Foods Inc?  
  8. The yellow line underneath this brand’s logo is called the “opto-digital pattern.” It represents light and the boundless possibilities of digital technology. Currently the firm is mired in financial irregularities. Name it.  
  9. This fictional character has been in existence since the fifties and for a short period of time was known as Mel Haney. His motto has always been “What, me worry?”. Identify him.  
  10. Identify the company from its logo given below. It is a new kid on the block and has celebrity promoters. 
Janus, looking both inward and outward
Answers :
Yellow line under Olympus
  1.  Google's new social news reader
  2.  Foursquare
  3.  HUL, Popeye
  4. Linkedin
  5.  Janus, Janus Principle
  6.  Doritos
  7.  Both were among 12 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
  8.  Olympus
  9.  Alfred E. Neuman

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Answers to Strategist Quiz 227

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 22

  1. Who designed the world’s first corporate logo and when, and for which company?
  2. Which company claims that by using its trademarked 3-in-a-box strategy, it is able to grow and meet the market expectations?
  3. The Indian founder of this business group was a college drop-out who drove taxi cabs in London and cleaned hotel rooms to support himself before starting his career in the business of retailing. Name him.
  4. Which was the first movie to be released on YouTube on the day of its theatrical release in international markets?
  5. Which brand in India has set up a group of local cricket teams having seven players per team who play seven balls an over?
  6. During the history of this 100-year-old brand, there was a point in time when a model called 490 was launched by it that was sold for $490. Why?
  7. The corporate image of this company is a small white teddy bear, adapted from a Christmas card sent by the grandson of the company’s founder to his grandmother during the early 1950s. Today it is the world’s largest producer of an essential food item consumed all over the world. Name it.
  8. With what first was an Anglo-Armenian converted to Islam who had mastered the thumri style of singing associated?
  9. Name the brand for which animation was used for the first time in a TV commercial
  10. This logo was designed by a mint master who chose the banyan tree since merchants used to collect under a banyan tree and conduct business in ancient times. It is the entity’s first logo which was subsequently changed. Identify it.
  1. The East India Company
  2. Cognizant
  3. Micky Jagtiani
  4. Super K
  5. PepsiCo’s 7Up brand
  6. 1915 Chevrolet
  7. Grupo Bimbo
  8. India's first ever Gramaphone record

  9. Bombay Stock Exchange

Monday, August 22, 2011

Answers to BS Strategist Quiz 215

The latest quiz with attempted answers. Check it out now

1. Perfumes, board games, cigarettes, an asteroid, slot machines and a Mediterranean pollution monitoring project are all named after this ancient personality, who by some is considered the world’s first celebrity. Name the person.
2. This founder started this company in 1998 and in 2000 he sold his creation, called Win Amp, to AOL. Later he created a cloud music service and sold it to Yahoo! in 2003. Name him and the first company he founded.

3. Which financial brand has drawn inspiration from this line: “Until Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay had reached the summit of Everest, they would not rest”?
4. The multi-billion dollar beauty industry is supposed to have developed after a Polish immigrant set up the first beauty salon in Australia in 1902. Her brand still exists with a commitment to ensure its customers live brilliantly. Name her.

5. This brand was first introduced in 1948 and then a hole was punched into it in 1955. Recently in India this brand has roped in fashion designer Wendell Rodricks to give it a stylised look. Name it.

6. Who said: “I have no use for a motor car which has more spark plugs than a cow has teats”?

7. Taking action, common sense, fairness, commitment and integrity form the basis for_______way.

8. Whose brands are Style, Flair, Taj Chhap, June Slim and Lips?

9.This brand’s logo was launched in the mid-1800s on the basis of the meaning of its founder’s name, which meant little nest in German. Name the brand.

10. Identify the brands. Where would you find them together?

1. Cleopatra
2. Justin Frankel, Nullsoft
3. Rolex is a probable answer as they used them in its commercials and also that the two persons wore Rolex while climbing Mt. Everest
4. Helena Rubinstein, Incorporated
6. Henry Ford
7. Ziglar Way, named after Zig Ziglar
8. Golden Tobacco
9. Nestle
10. Yunus Centre: Grameen bank, Adidas, Intel, Otto, Veolia