Monday, August 22, 2011

Answers to BS Strategist Quiz 215

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1. Perfumes, board games, cigarettes, an asteroid, slot machines and a Mediterranean pollution monitoring project are all named after this ancient personality, who by some is considered the world’s first celebrity. Name the person.
2. This founder started this company in 1998 and in 2000 he sold his creation, called Win Amp, to AOL. Later he created a cloud music service and sold it to Yahoo! in 2003. Name him and the first company he founded.

3. Which financial brand has drawn inspiration from this line: “Until Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay had reached the summit of Everest, they would not rest”?
4. The multi-billion dollar beauty industry is supposed to have developed after a Polish immigrant set up the first beauty salon in Australia in 1902. Her brand still exists with a commitment to ensure its customers live brilliantly. Name her.

5. This brand was first introduced in 1948 and then a hole was punched into it in 1955. Recently in India this brand has roped in fashion designer Wendell Rodricks to give it a stylised look. Name it.

6. Who said: “I have no use for a motor car which has more spark plugs than a cow has teats”?

7. Taking action, common sense, fairness, commitment and integrity form the basis for_______way.

8. Whose brands are Style, Flair, Taj Chhap, June Slim and Lips?

9.This brand’s logo was launched in the mid-1800s on the basis of the meaning of its founder’s name, which meant little nest in German. Name the brand.

10. Identify the brands. Where would you find them together?

1. Cleopatra
2. Justin Frankel, Nullsoft
3. Rolex is a probable answer as they used them in its commercials and also that the two persons wore Rolex while climbing Mt. Everest
4. Helena Rubinstein, Incorporated
6. Henry Ford
7. Ziglar Way, named after Zig Ziglar
8. Golden Tobacco
9. Nestle
10. Yunus Centre: Grameen bank, Adidas, Intel, Otto, Veolia

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