Sunday, November 13, 2011

Answers to Strategist Quiz 227

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 22

  1. Who designed the world’s first corporate logo and when, and for which company?
  2. Which company claims that by using its trademarked 3-in-a-box strategy, it is able to grow and meet the market expectations?
  3. The Indian founder of this business group was a college drop-out who drove taxi cabs in London and cleaned hotel rooms to support himself before starting his career in the business of retailing. Name him.
  4. Which was the first movie to be released on YouTube on the day of its theatrical release in international markets?
  5. Which brand in India has set up a group of local cricket teams having seven players per team who play seven balls an over?
  6. During the history of this 100-year-old brand, there was a point in time when a model called 490 was launched by it that was sold for $490. Why?
  7. The corporate image of this company is a small white teddy bear, adapted from a Christmas card sent by the grandson of the company’s founder to his grandmother during the early 1950s. Today it is the world’s largest producer of an essential food item consumed all over the world. Name it.
  8. With what first was an Anglo-Armenian converted to Islam who had mastered the thumri style of singing associated?
  9. Name the brand for which animation was used for the first time in a TV commercial
  10. This logo was designed by a mint master who chose the banyan tree since merchants used to collect under a banyan tree and conduct business in ancient times. It is the entity’s first logo which was subsequently changed. Identify it.
  1. The East India Company
  2. Cognizant
  3. Micky Jagtiani
  4. Super K
  5. PepsiCo’s 7Up brand
  6. 1915 Chevrolet
  7. Grupo Bimbo
  8. India's first ever Gramaphone record

  9. Bombay Stock Exchange

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