Sunday, November 20, 2011

Answers to Strategist Quiz 228

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 228. Provide your own answers, if you have different ones or those that I could not provide, in the comments below :

  1. What product is codenamed “propeller”?
  2. Where does a customer earn the title ‘mayor’? The term identifies the person that has visited a location most number of times and is the most loyal customer a brand can have.
  3. An MNC has launched an initiative that allows employees across departments to flag product shortage in any store in the country through a portal. The move, which can help it stem the loss of clients to rival brands, is named after a spinach-eating cartoon character. Name the MNC and the initiative. 
  4. Who uses the base line “Be great at what you do”?
  5.  This Roman God is the inspiration behind certain management/business concepts. One of those suggests looking both inward and outward for companies to be successful in a small marketplace and another one advises organisations to look into their past and the future at the same time. Name the Roman God.  
  6. Which brand broadcast a 30-second ad for its product 42 light years into space through high-powered radars in the Arctic circle?
  7.  What is common to GE and Domino Foods Inc?  
  8. The yellow line underneath this brand’s logo is called the “opto-digital pattern.” It represents light and the boundless possibilities of digital technology. Currently the firm is mired in financial irregularities. Name it.  
  9. This fictional character has been in existence since the fifties and for a short period of time was known as Mel Haney. His motto has always been “What, me worry?”. Identify him.  
  10. Identify the company from its logo given below. It is a new kid on the block and has celebrity promoters. 
Janus, looking both inward and outward
Answers :
Yellow line under Olympus
  1.  Google's new social news reader
  2.  Foursquare
  3.  HUL, Popeye
  4. Linkedin
  5.  Janus, Janus Principle
  6.  Doritos
  7.  Both were among 12 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
  8.  Olympus
  9.  Alfred E. Neuman

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