Sunday, November 27, 2011

Answers to Strategist Quiz 229

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 229. Provide your own answers, if you have different ones or those that I could not provide, in the comments below :

  1. Which footwear brand has introduced the lightest product in the market of 165 grams which carries an eight-gram chip inserted beneath the sole that transmits data on maximum speed, distance covered or number of sprints to a computer or a mobile device? 
  2.  This 40-year-old industry based in a town, which is believed to have got its name from Ravana’s father-in-law, has grown tremendously in the last seven to eight years. It supplies Hollywood producers with ancient arms, ammunition, attire, furniture, books, leather goods and household items. Name the town. 
  3. Which Indian business group is headquartered in a building called Boomerang? 
  4. Name the world’s youngest CEO and the company he set up when he was six years old.      
  5. Which company is adopting the Shatabdi strategy for growth? Also, explain the strategy.    
  6.     ______ on Air, since 1955. Complete the baseline and name the brand.  
  7.  What is common to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Jet Airways founder Narendra (Naresh) Goyal and Chiang Kai-shek, the erstwhile Premier of China?
  8.  Which brand gets its name from Old Scrooge’s dismissive remark about the entire Christmas celebration? Ebenezer Scrooge is the miserly character created by Charles Dickens.
  9.  ‘By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased’ is a quote from the Sutta Pitaka that contains the teachings of Buddha and his most authoritative disciples. Inspired by that, which brand recently launched its brand’s communication campaign?
  10.  Identify the logos represented in the following visuals. 
Answers :
  1.   Adidas (Brainy)
  2.  Meerut
  3.  Spice Group
  4.  Harlie Jordan,
  5.  Max Healthcare, locations along the routes of the superfast train — Bathinda, Mohali, Dehradun — to build its hospitals in non-metropolitan cities
  6.  Faber
  8.  Virgin Holidays
  9.  Benetton Unhate
  10. Four Seasons

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