Sunday, January 1, 2012

Answers to BS Strategist Quiz 234

For the quizzing enthusiasts looking to complete the last few questions of their weekly dose in Business Standard Strategist Quiz 231. Provide your own answers, if you have different ones or those that I could not provide, in the comments below :
  1. Which management guru of Global Strategy propounded the concept of a AAA triangle and what does it mean? 
  2. This beverage was launched in the mid 60s and its inventor added lemon to it in order to mask its urine flavour. Name it.
  3. It is claimed that in this company so far all its CEOs started their careers at the entry level. Name it. 
  4. This place is named after a famous tree which marked the eastern approach to the place. It was felled in 1942 to prevent the Japanese artillery from using it as a ranging point during World War II. It is now famous for a world class facility and a corporate entity which partners with other infrastructure companies worldwide.   
  5. This famous character was born in its creator's imagination while he was traveling in a train from New York to Los Angeles after his financial supporters had rejected his earlier creation Oswald. Name both the character and the creator. 
  6. Despite disagreement over who originally designed this apparel, the designer who is credited for revolutionising the fashion industry with this creation, named it after her favourite car. Name the person and her creation. 
  7. To find a pronunciation in China that would sound like its brand this company did achieve a similar sound but the characters in Chinese meant “Bite the wax tadpole”. It later changed the characters to mean “Happiness in the mouth”. Name the brand.   
  8. Which company did Ja-Ri Corporation subsequently become?   
  9. Name the first airline to offer its passengers Wi-fi broadband internet access on long-haul flights?   
  10. Identify the brands from the visuals below. They have a partnership in India.
Answers :
  1.  Pankaj Ghemawat
  2.  Gatorade
  4.   Changi tree, Changi airport of Singapore
  5.   Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney
  6.   Miniskirt, Mini (BMW Mini)
  7.   Coca Cola
  8.  Amway
  9.   Luftansa

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